Carrying out cold processing operations

Our steel production tools

The processing of steel and its many variations requires precise quality tools in order to provide the best of the market to our customers.

Experts in our field since 1989, our recent machinery is constantly updated to offer processed steel that meets all your needs. Our production line consists of 3 integrated lines.

Jointing - Dressing - Chamfering

  • 3 peg lines - Straightening not roller burnishing

Sawing - Logs

  • 11 sawing machines


  • 5 grinding lines - Bars 1-6m

BSA is able to provide you with a complete product integrating the desired material in compliance with your specifications, the setting of diameters by peeling and/or grinding in tight fineness measures (up to h7), the preparation of your bars to the desired length (slotting) and with the expected finish (chamfering, centre point...).